No one has spent more time thinking about the best way to build an RV dealership than the folks at Marzahn & King.  We've been involved in more RV dealership building projects than anyone else in the U. S. or Canada.  We can save you time and money and make absolutely certain that your facility works!

We can help you:

  • Gain control of traffic on the lot and in the building so you never miss an "up"
  • Make the layout so flexible you could run it easily with over a hundred employees or scale the operation back so the same "plant" can be run with as few as nine (9) total employee
  • Control theft and shrinkage
  • Make it easier to manage the flow of business with line of sight between the key positions in the dealership
  • We are the internationally recognized experts on the classic "Gorman Design" RV dealership building layout.  Call us for help anytime.