Sales and Sales Management Consulting

Manager's Controls & Guidelines
  • Job Responsibilities—A detailed account of the daily, weekly and monthly functions of the sales manager.
  • Tools to do the Job—A detailed account of forms and formats used for tracking of prospects , inventory, deliveries, etc. to better control and understand all areas of the sales department.
  • The Sales System—Is a proven formatted sales approach that insures increased sales and gross profit.
Personnel, Recruiting & Interviewing
  • Hiring & Training—Provides students with ideas to help them acquire and train quality sales personnel
  • Motivating Your Team—Is designed to help managers develop ideas and methods to keep the sales team focused and prevent complacency.
  • Pay Plans and Incentives—Is a review of compensation programs for the salesperson to help prevent the turn over of staff.
Inventory Management
  • Inventory Control—Provides the student with an understanding inventory forecasting and tracking to maximize inventory turns and control floor planning cost
  • Reconditioning—Establishes proper guidelines and procedures to insure maximum profitability and turn around time of used inventory
  • Pricing and Wholesaling—Is a discussion on pricing guidelines and profit margins based on industry standards
Advertising & Sales Promotion
  • Advertising Budget—Details how to establish a monthly advertising budget based on the sales and profit forecast for the dealership.
  • Creating Traffic—Is a discussion  on the various advertising medias available and which of these could best fulfill your needs
Closing Power
  • Managing the Deal—How to use a desk management system to control the deal and create sales when the salesperson fails
  • Structuring the Deal—A proven method being used throughout the industry to increase gross profits and sales