"Both Robert Crist and Company RV and World Wide RV, find our monthly virtual 20 group meetings bring the same accountability as other 20 groups we’ve been a part of but with more advantages. Our virtual meetings are quicker, deal with more current financial information (because they are held monthly not quarterly) and are a money saver since we do not have the ongoing travel expenses associated with other 20 groups. Our 20 group structure affords us an excellent training tool due to the fact that we are able to bring in managers from different dealership departments into our conference room as well. In fact, we’ve found it so useful we’ve installed a large screen TV in our conference room in order to make it easier for everyone to see the meeting. M&K does a great job pulling us all closer to our goals."   

Robert Crist 
Vice President 
Robert Crist and Company RV 

"Pleasureland RV currently holds membership in two different M&K 20 Groups.  As CFO, I greatly appreciate being able to add or make changes to metrics on the fly while we are meeting.  If we, as a group, want to change the format - it's been super easy and quick for M&K to respond.  We still meet in person.  But when we do it's a lot more focused on the dealership we're visiting. This style and format also allows you to bring in a department manager for a certain part of the meeting if you are focusing on their department.  The department manager also has the ability to discuss issues they are having with their peers from other dealerships.   Chuck Marzahn personally facilitates all the M&K groups.  With Chuck, You have someone who's in stores regularly instead of someone who just knows numbers.  I highly recommend them."
Brad Bacon 
Pleasureland RV Center