Virtual 20 Groups 
Virtual 20 Groups beat other 20 groups for many reasons:   

    • The cost to participate is about half  No mandatory travel costs  
    • There is no obligatory 5 day orientation 
    • Participants don’t need to leave their dealerships for days at a time 
    • Managers can attend meetings about their departments at no extra charge 
    • Composite data is more recent, so the data and decisions are better 
    • You have questions and concerns every month, so we meet every month not just 2 or 3 times a year.

And the similarities make virtual 20 groups very desirable: 

    • Benchmarks are shared and financial data is analyzed 
    • Participants take part in frank discussions about business trends and individual progress 
    • Dealership visits are still possible. 
    • Because we’ve already covered the numbers each month, the on-site meeting is more focused on the host store’s critique.   

Marzahn & King facilitates several types of Virtual 20 Groups, including:  
        Dealer          Parts and Service                   Rental  

Virtual 20 Groups are for those who really want to make their dealership the strongest of the strong! 

When you’re ready to join this elite group, contact Chuck Marzahn at Marzahn & King Consulting

Office:  757.227.6646  -  Cell:  757.636.8999