Often, you want to know more about the track record or opinions and experiences of other dealers and clients. Here are a few comments:

“Chuck Marzahn is a truly invaluable asset to our industry. Chuck has filled so many roles for the national RV Dealers' Association that it is difficult for me to put him in a category. He has been a colleague and advisor to me and my staff. He has worked with us to build training programs. He has made presentations at our annual meetings and has even developed tailored programs for dealership employees on our behalf. 

I recommend that all dealers and their business partners consider Chuck when they are looking for advice, information, and training for themselves, their businesses, and their employees. In good times and in bad, especially the bad times, Chuck will help you improve your business situation.” 

Mike Molino, CAE 
Former President RVDA 

 * * * 
“I have had the privilege of working with Chuck Marzahn for many years. He was one of my first columnists in 2000 when I was the editor of RV Trade Digest and he was my first columnist in 2007 when I launched RV Industry News. 

Chuck is a knowledgeable, well-respected consultant who works with top-of-the-line RV dealers across the country. The dealers I have talked to admire Chuck not only for his practical advice regarding building an efficient, profitable business, but they also admire Chuck because he genuinely cares about the success of the company and the owners. 

Chuck is a frequent presenter for the RV University and is regarded as one of the true sages of the industry. He entered the RV industry many years ago under the tutelage of Bill Gorman, who was the preeminent dealership consultant of his time. Chuck became a student of the RV industry and invested much of his career studying what makes quality dealerships successful. 

Warm and inviting, Chuck's business relationships often transcend into personal friendships where business owners know they can open up and share their deepest concerns with him. And, in doing so, they know their concerns become his concerns and he will take them to heart -- and to the Lord, if necessary -- until the solution becomes evident. 

Chuck Marzahn is open-minded in that he's always willing to learn and try new things. But, being deeply rooted in solid business principles, Chuck is a natural bloodhound for sniffing out potential trouble areas. As a outside third party, he will provide an honest assessment of a business' culture as well as a prescription for making it better than ever. He's an agent of change and a true catalyst for making things happen. 

When you partner with Chuck Marzahn, you get more than just access to one of the brightest minds in the RV industry, you get a genuine mentor.” 
Greg Gerber Editor-in-chief, 
RV Daily Report 

 * * *   
“Chuck's knowledge and understanding of the RV industry and how to improve a business certainly qualifies him to be called an expert. His love of the business and its processes is contagious. Chuck puts everyone he works with at ease and makes even the newest emplyoyee feel as important as the owner.” 
John Gagne, 
Service Manager, 
Holiday World Of Houston

 * * * 
“Chuck's deep knowledge base and business acumen provided invaluable insight in development of my business plan for an RV dealership. I addition, his building design insight was praised by my Architect and he impressed my Accountant with his input on financial statements and ratios.”  
Mike Gove 

 * * *   
“Chuck Marzahn is an amazingly gifted and talented person, teacher, coach and professional. I have had the enormous pleasure to have worked with him as a Consultant at Integrated Dealer Systems. Chuck knows and understands so many levels of the RV and Marine Industry – Finance, Sales, Dealership Layout, Customer Service… but most importantly he has a gift of making each and every person he works with feel invaluable and empowered. When you are around him you not only learn how to be a better Salesperson, Service Writer, Accountant, or Owner – but you also learn how to be a better person.” 
Stephanie Whittemore, 
Implementation Team Leader, 
Integrated Dealer Systems  

 * * * 
“I had the pleasure of co-presenting a series RV dealer seminars with Chuck. It was a joy working with him and I would, most certainly, do it again.”  
Gary Bunzer 
Bunzer Consulting 

 * * *   
“Many years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a young man that would forever impact my life, that person is Chuck Marzahn. Chuck was attending a seminar that I was conducting for BMW of North America. As many instructors know, you get three kinds of people at manufacturer’s seminars; Chuck is the kind of participant an instructor dreams of. He was attentive, focused, energetic, a contributor and most of all he wanted to learn. 

Chuck has never stopped his drive to learn. This drive to learn has afforded him the opportunity to lead seminars today through his own company in the recreational vehicle industry. I have no doubt that his students today are receiving excellent instruction that includes a level of personal caring that many others talk about but very few deliver. 

I am so proud to call Chuck Marzahn a colleague and personal long time friend. His success story gives me motivation to continue teaching. Any opportunity to work with Chuck and his Team is an opportunity that one should never pass up.” 
Phil Wood, 
Training Manager, 
BMW of North America 

  * * * 
“Chuck Marzahn provides measurable value to the businesses that he engages. His coaching involves review of operations from a financial, leadership, and facility perspective. He connects with his client through the sincere concern evident in his actions and words, providing guidance on positive end results and tangible steps to reach goals. Chuck's professionalism and guidance make him a role model in the industry. I can personally attest that his presence and counsel have allowed me to become more effective than my abilities would have otherwise allowed.”  
Brian Balboni Director, 
Research and Development IDS, 
Brunswick Boat Group 

 * * *   
At Team Stier, we consider Chuck Marzahn a trusted professional as well as a good friend.  In 1998 and 1999 Chuck's input and contributions in helping us design and build our new dealership was phenomenal. Once we were in our new home Chuck coached me and our entire management team to bring us above and beyond our highest expectations.  In the 30-years I've been in the RV business for myself, Chuck has had the greatest impact and influence on our businesses growth and success.  He can and will have a positive impact on your entire dealership should you solicit his fine services. An investment you will not regret!  If you would like to hear our accolades in person please don't hesitate to give us a call. 
Good selling to all, 
Mike Stier & Co. 
Stier's RV in Bakersfield, CA 

 * * *   
I have found Chuck Marzahn’s presentations to be effective and comfortable.  Chuck has a unique ability to connect with his audience.  People attend seminars for a variety of reasons, but the main one is to learn.  Chuck’s interaction with the audience assures them that he is there in their best interest, allows them to bring their issues to the table, and helps them find a way to leave with a better understanding of what to do next.  Chuck makes sure that he places himself in their shoes during the workshop.  Our surveys reflect this and our customers state they would gladly attend other workshops conducted by Chuck Marzahn. 
Bob Hawkins 
NTP Distribution 

 * * *   
"Marzahn and King provides a unique partnership with our dealership that helps us understand and improve our daily systems and operations while continually clarifying our vision for the future.” 
Randy Ketelsen 
Ketelsen Campers - Denver, CO 
(Randy and his folks have won RVDA's prestgious "Dealer of the Year" Award.) 

 * * *   
Richardson says he is very pleased with the training his management team is receiving from Marzahn & King.  "We sent our guys out to their classes earlier in the year, and now we have them here at the dealership working with the management team.  I don't think you can spend too much on training," says Richardson.  "It is probably one of the biggest returns on investment we get." 
Steve Richardson 
Richardson's RV in Riverside, CA    
  - RV Trade Digest 5/03 

 * * *   "We also believe in training our people on a regular basis.  Two or three times a year we bring Chuck Marzahn and Tom King into the dealership for hands-on training.  We like this approach better because we can train everybody else when they return and that is really not their job and it never works out the way you want it to.  We have worked with Chuck on dealership training for about 10 years and with Tom King in our sales department for about 5-6 years." 
Brian Wilkins 
Wilkins RV in Hornell, NY   
   - RV News 7/03  * * *