Marzahn & King Consulting, Inc.


We deliver professional consulting and training in all areas of dealership operations to help each dealership reach its full potential.

We are well-known and recognized consultants and trainers specializing in the Recreational Vehicle industry. We present our work each year at the RVDA Convention in Las Vegas, and publish our work in many trade journals. We work with dealers at all levels throughout the United States and Canada.  There are many advantages to working with Marzahn and King Consulting:

  • WE COME TO YOU – We bring our formidable experience and credibility onsite to provide industry-specific solutions to the challenges you face.  Much of our work is done at your business, side by side with the folks in the trenches. We know that it doesn't matter how much we know -- what counts is what your people know when we leave.
  • WE GET RESULTS – We have a long list of references; dealers we have helped to put processes in place that lead to greater effectiveness and higher profits. We place high value on building on-going relationships with our clients and follow up with your managers with action plans, benchmarks and milestones to be certain that the recommended changes actually happen.
  • WE RESPECT YOUR INDIVIDUALITY – You’ve worked hard to build a business that reflects your values and personality. You’ve carefully chosen staff members who respect that. We respect it, too. We tailor or programs to enhance and reinforce the culture you’ve built into your business.
  • WE ARE FOCUSED ON YOUR BOTTOM LINE – All the training and processes in the world are useless unless they lead to a profitable business. Our approach will bring the basics back into focus.  Our techniques still allow your dealership personnel enough latitude to take advantage of creative ideas and out-of-the-box opportunities, leading to profitability.